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Artist Zachary James Kraft

Fine Art and the complexities of artwork.

  • Endless killing robots print

    What can stop a robot Playing with Toys. Nothing. Print for sale (Circa.2012)

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    Playing with Toys. (2012)
  • Infant Mind Control (2012)

    Who controls who? Open your third eye baby feeder.

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    Infant Mind Control  (2012)
  • One lonely Scone

    So Sconely (2012) is a funny print about a sad pastry.

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    So Sconely (2012)
  • Bigfoot is a Myth

    A myth worth kicking its ass, in this print Chopping Bigfoot Down (2012)

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    Chopping Bigfoot Down (2012)
  • Omar looks good in Cotton

    Quilting a bad guy out of bordom. (2012) this work is one for the bored and comical house wife.

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    Quilting a bad guy out of bordom. (2012)
  • Two sides, one robot

    Bionic man is Happy (2012) is an artwork that kinda creeps me out. Skynet is coming.

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    Bionic man is Happy. (2012)

Fine Art

I make Postcards. Using quality papers, wood or found materials I craft works of art that are sent to you directly. No need to visit to an art gallery. I draw it, then send it, and you get it.

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Fine art prints are my sketches, paintings, and illustrations. All of them printed on nice comfy paper, signed and dated. Hold it in your hands or show it off to your friends, it's a real piece of art!

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I love to paint. So I create original paintings using hand-cut hardwood. Each painting is an original artwork in which the beauty of the media comes through.

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    The art book's got a new look.

    Look another The Art Book, new edition

    If you are an artist or take a liking to art you probably get the trivial art supplies or gigantic art book every damn Christmas. Don’t gift this book either. what can one say? This book seems to cover about every single artist and genre or art in the last 2,000 years. I would love […]

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    Johnny Cash Museum Tribute

    After hearing from The Tennessean about the Johnny Cash Museum that just opened up I thought a tribute drawing was in order. This is a one of his younger photos but I think if you were going to pick one of Johnny cash it could be worse. One of the awesome things about this Museum […]

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    Using layout to tell a story

    How do illustrators use images to tell stories?

    Illustration is an uncovering process. Illustration is the art of telling stories. The visual images that an illustrator creates starts the process similar to the first word on a page. Each image is part of a larger tale that can flow like a day dream and which is not to far from the truth sometimes.

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