Zachary James Kraft Front-End Web Developer

Hi, I'm Zachary.

Hello! I'm Zachary.

A Web App Developer.

A creative and inventive Web Developer who likes exploring possibilites.

A super inventive Web Developer that builds Startups.

I code in HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP, while using AWS, APIs, Docker & more.

Starfish Project Starfish Project

Website and Womens Goods and Items eCommerce store.

The Bindel The Bindel

Short-term Rentals for College Students.

PictSweet Farms PictSweet Farms

Website and recipe search engine.

Cultivation Capital Cultivation Capital

Wordpress development for providing St. Louis Funding Startups talent and a place to post openings.

Yield Lab Yield Lab

Providing Midwest AG Tech Startups Funding and a place to post openings.

Built out templates and theme systems on WordPress

HELIX by Siemens HELIX by Siemens

Web Applicaiton development for Siemens wireless ultrasound as sales informatin system.

Javascript Class

getHeaderButtonHolder: function() { return this.getButtonHolder(); }, /** * Gets a wrapped button element. * * @returns {HTMLElement} The wrapped button element. */ getButtonHolder: function() { return document.createElement('span'); }

Javascript Class

/** * Gets a single button element. * * @param {string} text The button text. * @param {HTMLElement} icon The icon object. * @param {string} title The button title. * @returns {HTMLElement} The button object. * @see */ getButton: function(text, icon, title) { // Prepare icon. if (text) { icon.classList.add('left'); = '5px'; } // Create and return button. var el = this._super(text, icon, title); el.classList.add('waves-effect', 'waves-light', 'btn'); = '0.75rem'; = '24px'; = '24px'; = '5px'; = '0 0.5rem'; return el; }

Contact Connection information

Contact Details

518 N. Newstead Ave. Saint Louis Missouri 63108 United States

P: (314) 695-6238


Best Time To Contact:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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